I'm Josh Buchea: a software engineer and family guy


Hello! I’m Josh Buchea. I live in Portland, Oregon. I make digital products for web and mobile.

I’ve developed mobile applications for iOS & Android since 2011, and I’ve been developing for the web for over 17 years. I’m passionate about clean code and delivering great user experiences.

I do most of my work on my 13” MacBook Pro. Although I own various mobile devices for development and testing, my go to mobile device is my iPhone. I prefer to code in a text editor; my editor of choice is Visual Studio Code. I push code to GitHub and I live in the Chrome DevTools.

I am currently open to new opportunities and freelance projects. Have a project in mind? Let’s chat!

Open Source Projects


I’m a HUGE podcast fan. Personally, I believe podcasts are a superior form of entertainment because I’m able to multitask while listening. Some of my favorite shows include: