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Delays finding external drive #

Backblaze delays finding my external drive or new files - PC:

Backblaze was designed to be lightweight. There is a small process that slowly scans your computer looking for new/changed files. It can take about an hour or two to scan across all drives for an average user. When you plug in an external drive, it may take Backblaze anywhere from a 1-120 minutes to schedule the files on the external drive to be backed up online.

There is a way to force an immediate rescan. It will slow your computer down for a few minutes while it scans all your drives. You can force the rescan by holding down the ALT key and clicking "Restore Options..." button.

Why hasn't Backblaze backed up my new files yet? :

We designed Backblaze to be lightweight on computer resources, so it might take one to eight hours to notice new or changed files and schedule them for upload or notice disconnected hard drives that are reconnected.

Once the files are found and scheduled for upload, they'll be transmitted as fast as your computer can talk to our servers.

After they've been transmitted, it can take about one to eight hours for the View/Restore Files browser on our website to show the results.

How Backblaze Got Started (2017) | Hacker News:

Even if you use the secret alt-click to force a full drive scan, it can still miss files and tell you fully backed up when files from days ago are still nowhere to be found.

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