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This is an Eleventy project created from the eleventy-starter repo.


Set a file or folder to be ignored using the command line #

Just replace the file/folder path placeholder with the file/folder path to ignore.


xattr -w com.dropbox.ignored 1 /Users/yourname/Dropbox/YourFileName.pdf


attr -s com.dropbox.ignored -V 1 /Users/yourname/Dropbox/YourFileName.pdf


Set-Content -Path 'C:\Users\yourname\Dropbox\YourFileName.pdf'  -Stream com.dropbox.ignored -Value 1


Issue: High CPU Usage #

Symlinks and/or having more than 300,000 files synced to one computer can cause Dropbox performance to decline.

This is a soft limit, and depends highly on the hardware specifications of the computer running the Dropbox application. If you think this might be part of the problem, I'd recommend using Selective Sync (https://www.dropbox.com/help/175) to sync only the folders you need to work with to your computer.


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