Get Started

  • Install Expo CLI: npm install expo-cli --global
  • Create New Project: expo init MyAwesomeProject
  • Run Project: expo start (from project directory)
  • Run Project (and clear caches): expo start -c

Build Standalone App Binaries

  • Build (iOS): expo build:ios
  • Build (Android): expo build:android
  • Check Build Status: expo build:status

Note: We enable bitcode for iOS, so the .ipa files for iOS are much larger than the eventual App Store download available to your users. For more information, see App Thinning.

Submit to App Stores

Note: Apple will ask you whether your app uses the IDFA. Because Expo depends on Segment Analytics, the answer is yes, and you'll need to check a couple boxes on the Apple submission form. See Segment's Guide for which specific boxes to fill in.