1. Edit the _data/metadata.json with your site's information.
  2. (Optional) Edit .eleventy.js with your configuration preferences.
  3. Delete this message from _includes/layouts/base.njk.

This is an Eleventy project created from the eleventy-starter repo.


Commands #

  • List Packages: brew list
  • Get Package Info brew info package_name
  • Pin Package (lock at current version): brew pin package_name
  • Uninstall Package: brew uninstall package_name
  • Remove cask & prefs: brew cask zap cask_name

Update Homebrew & Packages #

  • Update Homebrew: brew update
  • Update Packages: brew upgrade

Services #

  • List services: brew services list
  • Start service: brew services start SERVICE_NAME
  • Stop service: brew services start SERVICE_NAME
  • Restart service: brew services restart SERVICE_NAME

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