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Internet Explorer

  • Excellent list of what is supported in IE:

Not Supported

fit-content (All versions of IE & Edge)

Note: May not be supported in some versions of Edge as well. There was conflicting information between the fit-content & width pages on MDN. The intrinsic-width page on CanIUse seems to state fit-content is not supported in the latest versions of Edge, which would insinuate that fit-content is not supported in any version of Edge (or IE).


<textarea> placeholder becomes value (IE 11)

This issue is caused by a bug in IE 11 that Microsoft will not fix.

  • Issue: A textarea's placeholder text becomes it's actual value
  • Fix: Add click handler for all textarea elements, if value matches placeholder set value to empty string
$('body').on('click', 'textarea', function(e) {
var $textarea = $(;
$textarea.val() === $textarea.attr('placeholder') && $textarea.val('');
// OR:
$('textarea').each(function(i) {
var $textarea = $(this);
$textarea.val() === $textarea.attr('placeholder') && $textarea.val('');

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