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This is an Eleventy project created from the eleventy-starter repo.

iOS Dev

Simulator #

ios-sim & ios-deploy #

  • Install ios-sim: npm install -g ios-sim
  • Install ios-deploy: npm install -g ios-deploy
  • Launch simulator with app: ios-sim start
  • List devices: ios-sim showdevicetypes

Launch app on a specific device:

ios-sim launch --devicetypeid DEVICE_TYPE_ID ~/Desktop/AppName.app

Launch app on iPhone X:

ios-sim launch --devicetypeid iPhone-X ~/Desktop/AppName.app

xcrun simctl #

  • List available commands: xcrun simctl
  • List devices: xcrun simctl list
  • Install app on specific device: xcrun simctl install DEVICE_UID ~/Desktop/AppName.app
  • Install app on currently booted simulator: xcrun simctl install booted ~/Desktop/AppName.app

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