• Notes from "The Mind, Explained" on Netflix
    • Types of memories
      • Implicit
      • Explicit
    • Location
      • Memory Vividness is very strongly tied to location
        • The thing people are most consistent about when retelling vivid memories is where they were
      • Location has a strong role with memory
        • If you look in the hippocampus, there are special cells that are specifically responsive for time & place
    • Foundation of some of our strongest memories:
      • Stories
      • Place
      • Emotion
      • They can be hijacked to help you memorize anything
        • Girl with amazing memory in documentary had a few systems to help her memorize things
          • Convert numbers to letters, and then "read" the numbers
            • Often swapped numbers with similar looking letters
              • 539 = SAG
              • 166 = TBB
            • Then would associate the series of letters with something already in her memory
              • 166 = TBB = Tabbouleh (The mediterranean dish) (I LOVE THIS BTW)
            • Then associate the new letter and word combinations together
              • SAG + Tabbouleh = A saggy person covered in tabbouleh
                • Visceral images/thoughts are remembered better/easier
          • Utilized an ancient memory technique called "The Memory Palace"
            • Would visualize herself walking through a neighborhood she knows well, adding surreal imagery along the route (associate items to remember spatially and sequentially with places in the neighborhood)
              • "It helps inputting very random abstract things in order when you attach it to something you already know"
              • As she came out of the metro, she saw a saggy man covered in Tabbouleh

How to Trick Your Brain into Remembering Almost Anything

Four-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis and psychological scientist Julia Shaw explain how to boost your memory skills:

  1. Start With Strong Images
  2. Put Those Images in a Location
  3. Pay Attention
  4. Break Things Up
  5. Finish Up by Reviewing