• List globally installed packages + versions: npm list -g --depth=0
  • Update npm: npm install -g npm
  • Install specific version of npm (works with NVM): npm install -g npm@1.4.3
  • Install local module: npm install /path
    • Beware, the command will COPY the content of the target repo found in /path into your project's node_modules, no further changes in /path will be reflected in the local repo unless you do npm install /path again. I'd recommend to use npm link for module development.
  • Execute commands for a package in a subdirectory:
    • Install: npm --prefix ./path/to/package install ./path/to/package
    • Test: npm --prefix ./path/to/package test
  • package.json dependency notation (
    • ^ or 1.x.x: is 1.[any].[any] (latest minor version)
    • ~ or 1.2.x: is 1.2.[any] (latest patch)
  • Error: "ENOENT: no such file or directory, uv_cwd"